Valved Holding Chamber
• Monaghan Medical Corp, Syracuse, NY, has received FDA clearance to market its AeroChamber Plus™ high-performance aerosol valved holding chamber (VHC) product line. The AeroChamber Plus is an advancement in metered-dose inhaler (MDI) aerosol delivery for patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It features a more innovative design as well as lower inhalation resistance, less dead space, and an improved facial seal with the new mask design. It also includes a flowdynamic system to increase the fine particle dose of MDIs. In addition, the AeroChamber Plus features the AeroBear character that is used to instruct young patients on the proper use of the VHC, helping to facilitate a high degree of compliance. (800) 343-9071;

Sleep Therapy
• Mallinckrodt Inc, St Louis, has introduced the Breeze™ SleepGear™ that offers more comfort for obstructive sleep apnea sufferers and sets new standards in delivering continuous positive airway pressure therapy. Breeze SleepGear is anatomically engineered to provide a secure, comfortable fit on the patient, without the difficulties caused by traditional confining headgear, straps, or mask. It rests comfortably over the face as it follows the contours of the head for an optimal fit. (800) 635-5267;

Nasal Mask
• Respironics, Pittsburgh, has introduced the Profile™ Lite Nasal Gel Mask that is designed with a softer, lighter gel cushion. The Profile Lite offers two-in-one convenience for patients using continuous positive airway pressure or bilevel positive airway pressure devices. The mask’s lightweight design eliminates the need to pull the head strap as tightly, which may reduce leaks and increase patient comfort. The Profile Lite is available in three sizes, and can be customized for a personal fit. The mask is placed in boiled water, then cooled in cold water and pressed against the patient’s face. The heat-resistant mask cushion feels like a warm compress against the skin because the inner layer absorbs the heat. Patients can easily customize the mask on their own and repeat the process if necessary. (800) 345-6443;

• Nova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass, has introduced the Stat Profile® M7 that offers blood gases, Chem 7 (Na+, K+, Cl-, TCO2, Glu, Urea, Crea), Hct/Hb, ionized calcium, lactate, and oxygen saturation on a single, test selective analyzer. An operator can select 10 different test panels, which provide the basic diagnostic capability required for effective care of a patient without the costs of unnecessary tests. The Stat Profile M7 provides a complete 14-test profile from as little as 105 µL of whole blood—this saves blood by using one half to one tenth of the sample volume typically drawn for a Chem 7 panel alone. Point-of-care staff can perform a 14-test profile by pressing the “analyze” button. The entire analysis is precisely automated and monitored by the built-in computer. (781) 647-3700;

Portable Spirometer
• Futuremed America Inc, Granada Hills, Calif, offers the SpiroBank, a low-cost pocket spirometer that weighs only 7 oz. SpiroBank is ideal for bedside testing in hospitals, occupational screening in physician’s offices, occupational testing, asthma management, and clinical studies testing. The SpiroBank does full loop FVC, SVC, and MVV. Tests are pre- and post-medication comparisons. The SpiroBank also features an easy-to-read LCD that allows clinicians to review test results and interpretations, and a real audio tone that helps obtain maximum patient effort. Up to 100 tests with curves can be stored for future reference. Combined with most spirometers, SpiroBank can produce full-page reports. It can be used with any mouthpiece or bacterial filter. (800) 222-6780; [email protected].

• VersaMed Inc, Fort Lee, NJ, introduces the iVent201 ventilator. The iVent201 is able to follow patients through each clinical episode and setting. From emergency and transport applications to hospital, subacute, and home care cases, iVent201 provides continuous, comprehensive care and all modes of ventilation. Its self-contained turbine flow generator produces sufficient flow and pressure to ventilate a diverse range of patient/ventilator applications. (800) 475-9239; or

Oxygen Conserver
• Mallinckrodt, St Louis, offers its pneumatically powered Puritan Bennett OxiClip™ PC 20 oxygen conserver for patients needing a supplemental source of oxygen. The small, lightweight OxiClip demand oxygen conserver can be easily worn on a patient’s belt or a shirt pocket. A flexible supply line allows maximum patient mobility up to 100 feet from the oxygen source without compromising the conserver’s sensitivity, trigger time, or speed of delivery. OxiClip can be used by most patients 24 hours a day. The pneumatically powered demand system opens when the patient inhales. The system then delivers the prescribed flow of oxygen and blocks flow when the patient exhales, thereby saving oxygen that would otherwise be wasted. (800) 635-5267;

Face Mask
• ResMed Corp, San Diego, offers the Mirage Full Face Mask that enables physicians to effectively apply noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV) therapy, and can alleviate problems caused by mouth leak in CPAP therapy. Minimal dead space, superior airflow characteristics, and built-in air vents minimize CO2 rebreathing, making it ideal for use in acute care and sub-acute environments. An antiasphyxia valve automatically opens if the flow pressure generator falls. In case of an emergency, the patient can pull a Quick Release Tab and the mask will immediately fall away from the face. The Mirage Full Face Mask counteracts mouth leaks by delivering pressure through both the nose and mouth. (800) 424-0737;

Pulmonary Function Filter
• CDX Corp, Providence, RI, offers the CDX Pulmoguard PFT Filter that stops transmission of 99.8% of bacteria and viruses, and fits most spirometers, including the CDX SPIRO 850 Spirometer. The CDX Pulmoguard PFT Filter is clean and clear for 100% visual inspection of its pleated filter, which is custom-designed to provide maximum surface area in the smallest possible space. Because of its bidirectional design, the CDX Pulmoguard PFT Filter provides effective infection protection for both expiratory and inspiratory testing and can reduce costly and time-consuming sterilization. (800) 245-9949;

• PDS Instrumentation, Louisville, Colo, offers the AccuTrax™ Personal Diary Spirometer that allows patients to be properly monitored at home, school, work, or play. Accurate and timely measurement of peak flow and FEV1, coupled with tracking of symptoms and medication, is the key to successful asthma management. (800) 785-6662;

Tube Compensation
• Drager Medical, Telford, Pa, announces the availability of its new enhancement, Automatic Tube Compensation® (ATC), the latest in a series of features now available for both the Evita 2 dura ventilator and the E4pws. During ventilation, the artificial airway resistance makes breathing more difficult. The use of pressure support as a simple means to overcome this resistance has fundamental disadvantages. Conventional support cannot adapt to specific breath-to-breath requirements due to patient demand and is only active during the inspiratory phase. ATC now offers continuous adaptation to the current gas flow throughout the entire respiratory cycle, virtually eliminating the additional work of breathing generated by the tube (WOBtube). (800) 4-DRAGER;

• Hamilton Medical Inc, Reno, Nev, introduces the ALADDINII that offers a unique design for the delivery of active NCPAP. The noninvasive Universal Generator and Prong reduce the work of breathing while maintaining a stable NCPAP level throughout the respiratory cycle for greater comfort in small patients. The new Monitoring Gas Mixer incorporates adjustable oxygen control, analyzer display of the mixed gas, display of the delivered NCPAP, and improved alarm functions. When used in conjunction with early extubation and NCPAP first strategies, the ALADDINII minimizes the need for intubation and mechanical ventilation. (800) 426-6331, ext 213;