Suction Regulator
 Boehringer Laboratories Inc, Norristown, Pa, announces the new Diamond Series 3700 Suction Regulator. The 3700 Series has an easy-to-view gauge that allows wide-angle viewing and can be read from a 180ø field of vision. The self-cleaning gauge ensures low repair costs, and by design, there is no calibration. The lightweight gauge contains three moving parts, and can be assembled/disassembled in less than 1 minute. Boehringer Laboratories is offering the device for a free 10-day no-risk trial, and it comes with a 10-year warranty. (800) 642-4945;
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Endotracheal Tube Grip
 Ackrad Laboratories, Cranford, NJ, offers the NEO-fitT endotracheal (ET) tube grip that helps avoid accidental extubation. The NEO-fit wraps around the ET tube with gripping action and is then taped to the patient’s face using the taping system that accompanies NEO-fit, your own system, or both. NEO-fit may remain secured to the patient during tube adjustments or tube changes. (908) 276-6390;
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Vital Signs Monitor
 SIMS BCI Inc, Waukesha, Wis, introduces the AdvisorT Vital Signs Monitor that offers all the basic parameters: ECG (3/5 lead), NIBP, SpO2, respiration, and invasive pressures and temperatures. A PC card allows for easy field upgrades, and its lightweight design makes it extremely portable. All monitor functions are easily accessed and controlled through the use of the monitor’s dedicated hard keys and easy-to-use Menu MouseT (rotary encoded push-button control knob). A recorder and battery option is also available. (800) 558-2345;
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Nasal Mask
Respironics, Pittsburgh, announces the new ProfileT Custom Nasal Mask. The Profile caters to each patient’s needs by profiling the special inner layer of the mask to precisely fit the individual’s facial contours. The customization process consists of boiling water, then placing the mask into the hot water, removing and letting it cool, and then placing it on the face to create a personalized fit. Profile can also be reshaped as many times as necessary. (412) 731-2100;
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Portable Spirometry
 Futuremed, Granada Hills, Calif, offers the SpiroBank, a pocket spirometer that weighs 7 oz and can be taken anywhere for fast and accurate PFT screenings. SpiroBank will perform full loop FVC, SVC, and MVV tests and make pre- and post-medication comparisons. It has an easy-to-read LCD display from which the user can review results, including percentiles and interpretations. Full page reports can be generated by connecting SpiroBank directly to most printers. SpiroBank stores up to 250 tests, allowing caregivers to review results and obtain printouts at a later time. This practical spirometer uses a standard 9-volt battery–each battery gives up to 2 years of spirometry testing. SpiroBank is Y2K compliant and meets the latest spirometry standards. (800) 222-6780; [email protected].
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Ambulatory Sleep Monitoring
 Telefactor, West Conshohocken, Pa, offers the H2O (“Home to Office”) series for ambulatory sleep monitoring. H2O is designed to give maximum performance in the most compact, rugged package possible. The H2O recorder features 32 channels; built-in oximeter module; standard AA battery packs; and the unique H2O removable disk system. Telefactor’s Twin Windows 95 software includes semiautomated scoring; automated Periodic Limb Movements and respiratory event analysis; automated seizure analysis; user- definable reports and database; and printing and archiving options. H20 offers compatibility with other Telefactor sleep, EEG, and epilepsy monitoring systems, or is available as a full-featured stand-alone system. (800)425-3334;
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Breath-Actuated Nebulizer
 Monaghan Medical Corp, Plattsburgh, NY, introduces the AeroEclipseT BAN, a new breath-actuated, small volume nebulizer. By nebulizing only in precise response to the patient’s inspiratory maneuver, this innovative, disposable nebulizer achieves patient on-demand therapy, a feature not previously available. The benefits include better patient compliance, reduced environmental impact, and less drug waste. The breath-actuated design delivers optimal particle size, with high mass output and excellent fine particle dose. (800) 833-9653.
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Full-Face Mask
ResMed Corp, San Diego, offers the Mirager Full Face Mask that provides the most effective method for applying noninvasive positive pressure ventilation therapy. In CPAP therapy, the mask also helps alleviate problems caused by mouth leakage. Light and quiet, the mask has superior co2 washout and features an anti-asphyxia valve that automatically opens if the flow generator pressure drops as a result of power failure or other reasons. In an emergency, a Quick Release Tab can be pulled to free the mask from the face. The clear frame allows clinicians to see the patient’s nose and mouth for ease of fitting, and the mask’s contoured shape suits a wide range of face shapes. (800) 424-0737;
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Actigraphy Monitor
 IM Systems, Baltimore, offers the ActiTrac actigraphy monitor. This miniature recorder is worn on the wrist and is designed for documenting physical movements; it has application in many fields of research and science including sleep disorder medicine. A comprehensive software package provides for data display and analysis, and the ActiScore sleep scoring program gives an accurate measure of sleep efficiency. (888) 513-5969;
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Sleep recorder and Software
 EmblaT, West Palm Beach, Fla, offers the Embla sleep recorder and its software
that are widely used for the diagnosis of sleep apnea. A new module in the software allows direct control of all ResMed produced CPAP flow generators from the computer screen. This reduces the work of CPAP titrations, saving workforce and increasing productivity. Now, changes in settings and recording of respiratory parameters can all be done from the computer through a single serial cable connected to each CPAP machine. Embla is a fully digital sleep recorder that allows up to 18 channels of data for full polysomnography or other studies of respiratory parameters. (888) 32-EMBLA;
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Respiratory Test Software
 The Service and Support Division of Mallinckrodt Inc’s Respiratory Group, St Louis, has released a new version of its BreathLabT PTS Performance Test System respiratory test software. With BreathLab PTS, biomechanical technicians in charge of testing ventilators and other respiratory devices are able to produce graphics and trending information that can be immediately printed or archived. Enhancements to BreathLab PTS respiratory test software provide more flexible displays and settings; up to 24 hours of recordable trending data; more flexible trigger settings for accurate measurements; and enhanced data reporting including graphic displays. (800) 635-5267;
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Bilingual Asthma Kits
 Respironics HealthScan Allergy & Asthma Products, Cedar Grove, NJ, has announced that its AsthmaPACK Personal Asthma Care Kits, which include videos and self-help booklets,
are now available in English and Spanish. Entitled Living with Asthma: What You Can Do and Take Charge of Your Asthma, the videos include Spanish-speaking narrators and translated graphics. The booklets are completely translated and feature the same products as the videos. (800) 962-1266;
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