Grass Instrument Division, Astro-Med, Inc, West Warwick, RI, announces the newly designed “pen sound simulator” for EEG and PSG systems. The unit, Model PSS-162, is designed to produce the audible sounds of a traditional direct-writing oscillographic recorder while the silent Grass Heritage digital EEG and PSG systems display and capture data. Up to 6 channels of conditioned analog signals from EEG or PSG can be interfaced to the simulator, which generates a composite audio signal to drive its powered speaker system. The unit also has two direct audio inputs for monitoring snoring sounds or other audible events. The pen sound simulator is particularly useful during multiple patient or semi-unattended recording. The compact unit can be placed out of sight, and the speaker can be positioned away from the recorder. (877) 472-7779.
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 Monaghan Medical, Plattsburgh, NY, a leader and innovator in aerosol delivery and asthma management devices, is seeking FDA 510(k) clearance for the AeroEclipseT, a new breath-actuated, small volume nebulizer. By nebulizing only in precise response to the patient’s inspiratory maneuver, this innovative nebulizer achieves patient on-demand therapy–a feature not previously available. The benefits include total patient compliance, and the virtual elimination of environmental drug contamination and drug waste. (800) 833-9653.
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 A-M Systems, Inc, Carlsborg, Wash, offers a white plastic noseclip for use in pulmonary function testing laboratories. The noseclip features softly grooved nosepads that provide added comfort for the patient. Held in place by spring action, the noseclip is gentle on the patient while providing a secure, nonslip attachment. (800) 426-1306.
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 Grass Instrument Division, Astro-Med, Inc, West Warwick, RI, has announced the Albert Grass Heritage Colleague PSG, a newly designed portable digital polysomnograph (PSG) that combines modular, high-performance amplifiers with a powerful yet easy to use software program called Gamma. The heart of the system consists of world-famous Grass amplifiers that give the user complete control over all channels and settings. Grass-designed Gamma PSG Windows-based software permits the user to record polysomnographic signals in real time with rapid, accurate scoring. (877) 472-7779.
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 With the addition of the Nellcor I-20LF and N-25LF Oxisensorr II Adhesive Sensors, Mallinckrodt Inc, St Louis, now offers a latex-free option for all patient populations. The new models provide the same accuracy and reliability Nellcor sensors are known for, but the adhesive does not contain dry natural rubber. Nellcor Oxisensor II Adhesive Sensors are the ideal choice for pulse oximetry monitoring, especially when peripheral circulation is compromised and environmental electronic noise levels are high. (800) 635-5267.
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 Maril Products, Inc, Tustin, Calif, has announced that a bulletin discussing the application of CONTROL III to control HIV-1 on hard, nonporous surfaces is now available. The bulletin describes the correct precleaning steps, proper personal protection, recommended solution dilution, and required contact time. (800) 546-7711.
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 Radiometer America, Westlake, Ohio, announces the PICOT70, the next generation of arterial samplers featuring a unique 1.5-mL barrel that allows samples as small as 0.3 mL. PICO70 reduces inventory costs by using one product for all patients. The new patented mixing disc, coated with Radiometer’s balanced heparin, ensures a clot-free homogenous sample for accurate results. PICO70 samplers reduce bubbles through a special 360-degree vent, elimination of all silicone lubricants, and a vented tip cap. All PICO users receive on-site product training, educational videos, and, for Radiometer ABL users, the no clot guarantee. (800) 736-0600, ext. 333.
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 AirSep Corp, Buffalo, NY, has received FDA clearance to market its new ultrasonic nebulizer. The low-cost Mystique will be priced to compete with compressor-driven nebulizers. The lightweight, handheld unit offers a simple two-button operation and fast nebulization rate. Suitable for child or adult use, Mystique is available with an optional battery pack, and comes with a 2-year warranty. (800) 874-0202.
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 SensorMedics Corp, Yorba Linda, Calif, introduces its new Transcutaneous Monitor. The MicroGas 7650 is for sale only in the United States and incorporates the industry’s first “always ready” system. Two key features are the extremely durable sensor and unique automatic calibration system that allow the unit to maintain a constant, ready-to-use condition. The MicroGas Sensor is uniquely designed to provide unsurpassed membrane and component protection, making it the most durable sensor available. (800) 520-4368.
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 The EC50 TOXCO Breath Carbon Monoxide Monitor, Bedfont Scientific, Medford, NJ, is a new, safe, noninvasive, and approved method of screening patients for carbon monoxide poisoning. The TOXCO can be used in a variety of applications such as emergency, ambulance, paramedics, fire department, police personnel, general practitioner, and home health care practitioner. The EC50 TOXCO measures in the range of 0 to 70Erboxyhemoglobin, noninvasively, on a digital display. The response time is indicated in seconds, and the monitor is handheld, battery-operated, portable, and easy to operate and requires minimal operator training. (800) 457-5804.
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 BCI International, Waukesha, Wis, introduces the Capnocheckr DualStreamT Capnograph that combines mainstream and sidestream sampling technology into a single, stand-alone system. Designed for ease-of-use, the Capnocheck DualStream reaches full operating specification in 45 seconds; self-calibrates 30 times per second; and withstands excessive patient secretions while providing accurate CO2 values. The easy to understand monitor and alarm set-ups, as well as a high visibility display, make this a convenient, flexible monitor for use with intubated and nonintubated patients from neonate to adult. (800) 558-2345
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 AirSep Corp, Buffalo, NY, announces the ImPulseT Select Oxygen Conserving Device –the “clinician’s choice in OCD systems. ImPulse Select offers two pulse modes and up to 6 lpm equivalency in one unit. The “Intermittent breath” pulse mode provides an average 6:1 conservation rate over continuous-flow oxygen delivery systems. The “every breath” pulse mode provides an average 3:1 conservation rate over continuous flow. Both medically accepted technologies in one OCD make ImPulse Select an economical unit for equipment providers who desire to reduce inventory. Designed with built-in regulator and the ability to fit over any standard post-valve cylinder, Impulse Select requires no extra supply tubing for equipment. (800) 874-0202.
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