Apple has bought Tueo Health, which is working on a solution to help parents monitor asthma symptoms in children using a mobile app and commercial breathing sensors, reports CNBC.

It’s unclear how much Apple paid for Tueo Health. The start-up raised a small seed round of $1.1 million in funding in 2017. Tueo’s CEO and co-founder Bronwyn Harris and chief operating officer Anura Patil changed their employer to Apple on their LinkedIn profiles in late 2018, which is likely around the time Apple completed its acquisition of the company.

 An Apple spokesperson declined to comment.

Tueo Health was developing a mobile app that worked with commercial breathing sensors to help manage asthma symptoms in children. The app would send alerts to parents if their child’s breathing changed at night.

Apple has been adding more health features across its products, especially the Apple Watch. The latest version of the Apple Watch can perform an electrocardiogram and detect when a user falls, for example.

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