High dose inhaled nitric oxide resulted in improvements in physical activity and other outcomes in patients at risk for pulmonary hypertension-associated fibrotic interstitial lung disease.

A new study evaluated safety and efficacy of pulsed, inhaled nitric oxide (Bellerophon Therapeutics) at a dose of 45 µg/kg of ideal body weight per hour.

“Inhaled nitric oxide is a proven vasodilator and has recently been shown to benefit physical activity in a placebo-controlled trial of patients with fibrotic ILD when used at a dose of 30 µg/kg ideal body weight per hour for 2 months. The objective of this current trial was to explore the safety and efficacy of a higher dose — 45 µg/kg ideal body weight per hour — for a longer period of 4 months,” Steven D. Nathan, MD, director of the Advanced Lung Disease Program and Lung Transplant Program at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia, said during a prerecorded presentation during the American Thoracic Society Virtual meeting.

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