Growth can be scary.  Whether it is taking the next step in your career, there is an element of the unknown that requires some strength to step out and trust that this is going to make you a better person in some way.  When you decide to go back to school, that is a major hurdle to overcome.

The University of Cincinnati Online’s Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy wants its students to be confident in their abilities.  The MSRT program can build confidence by fully preparing students to take on the new responsibilities to achieve their career advancement.

What is a Master’s in Respiratory Therapy degree?

As registered respiratory therapists (RRT) have been in their field for a bit and have already managed to earn their Bachelor’s in Respiratory Therapy, the Master’s in Respiratory Therapy (MSRT) program is designed to help respiratory therapists take that next step within their careers. The MSRT program is designed to educate respiratory therapists on how to lead the next generation while staying within the pulmonary space.

The MSRT program goes deeper into the details surrounding the technical aspects of a respiratory therapist. Combining that knowledge with leadership and business skills helps students prepare to lead a team.

The leadership and business skills provide a specific lens.  While coupling with the technical aspects of respiratory therapy, unlocking an ability to provide leadership a unique view of how things work on the front line.  In addition, this master’s degree allows a person to help other respiratory therapists understand the business side of their work.  As a result, this pairing makes each MSRT degree holder an even more vital person to the organization.

What are the areas of focus for Respiratory Therapy?

The Master of Respiratory Therapy degree allows students to focus within three distinct tracks:

  • Education
  • Health Administration
  • Health Informatics

Within each track, a student can receive knowledge related to growth within their qualitative skillset.  Multiple paths can provide individuals an opportunity to focus on what they are passionate about.  This helps them learn the intricacies of leading a team within that space.

These leadership opportunities may include:
  • Teaching students
  • Leading a team of respiratory therapists
  • Moving into a health administration position
  •  Leading a team in health informatics

How choosing a Master’s program will prepare me?

Finally, the students will work closely with 4 full-time faculty members.  During their time in the program, students will get an intimate look at how the education process takes place.  As a result, the students are treated as professionals and given the guidance to positively impact bedside relationships.

Soon-to-be leaders learn how to successfully connect and communicate with student respiratory therapists. The program has many goals but putting students on even footing to have the skills necessary to achieve their dreams is at the top of the list.

The MSRT program wants each student to have the confidence on graduation that they are now ready to step into that challenge in life with confidence and conviction.  When you give the proper skills to someone that has the confidence to go for their dream, greatness is sure to follow.

Ready To Take The Next Step? 

If you are currently a practicing RRT with a Bachelor's from a CoARC accredited institution, you might want to consider your MSRT.  The University of Cincinnati program allows graduates to advance more quickly within the pulmonary space.  Get in touch to learn more today! 

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