The short-term use of probiotics does not reduce the incidence, but shortens time to resolution of acute respiratory infections (ARI) in preschool and elementary school children, according to a study published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition by UAS Laboratories.

The study analyzed the role of short-term use of UAS Labs’ junior formula containing L. acidophilus DDS-1 and B. lactis UABla-12 in supporting respiratory tract health in children.

“Evidence is mounting regarding the role probiotics can play in the health of children, with many studies pointing to supporting respiratory health during longer-term probiotic administration,” said Dr Greg Leyer, chief scientific officer at UAS Labs. “This study is unique in that it evaluated the effect of a finished commercial product instead of only an active ingredient, and it looked at a short-term, acute administration to a healthy child on the first day of the appearance of a sick household member. It’s remarkable that this acute administration of the probiotic to healthy kids resulted in significant benefits to the respiratory health in children.”