In the online journal, PLOS ONE, University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System researchers report that they have pinpointed a genetic signature that distinguishes patients with complicated sacroidosis. The researchers add that the genetic signature holds the potential to become the basis for a simple blood test. 

During the study, researchers obtained blood from patients with simple and complicated sarcoidosis and patients without the disease in order to spotlight a pattern of gene expression unique to complicated sarcoidosis. A distinct 20-gene pattern of expression was identified, which could potentially assist in determining patients who were most likely to progress to complicated sarcoldosis. 

Prior research identified a 31-gene expression signature, however a smaller panel of genes could potentially make the new test less expensive and more useful clinically, researchers say.

The researchers add that they hope to further validate the use of the genetic signature at the Bernie Mac Star Clinic, an organization resulting from the partnership between UI Health and the Bernie Mac Foundation. 

Source: University of Illinois at Chicago