A recent study examined the association between sleep duration and occurrence of stroke in senior adults.

Interestingly, a recent study led by sleep experts on those eight or so hours spent between the sheets were found to have clinical impact on stroke incidence among elderly people. The meta-analysis study led nearly for a decade involved different populations and shows a strong association between sleep and occurrence of stroke.

The researchers of this study surveyed almost 10,000 people of age groups between 42 and 81 on their sleep duration and how well they slept daily. Participants of this research was surveyed twice a year for a period of 4 years and were monitored for nine-and-a-half years to check on the occurrence of stroke. The outcome of this study foresee a robust relationship between sleep duration and stroke occurrence across healthy people and those with a range of pre-existing illnesses. However the exact mechanisms operating between this association to use sleep as a clinical marker for stroke occurrence’s yet needs to be further deeply investigated.

Thought it is difficult to frame the exact sleep need window in health context, in the light of this new finding, the best sleep duration for all elderly and adults is to be between seven to eight hours.

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