A new study finds that black children are much more likely to die from asthma than Hispanic or white children regardless of where the death takes place, reports Healio.

According to study findings, the annual mortality rate for black children (9.29 per 1,000,000 persons) was six times higher compared to Hispanic (1.54 per 1,000,000) and white children (1.28 per 1,000,000). An outpatient setting was listed more frequently as place of death (51%) than out-of-hospital (14%) and inpatient deaths (30%). Outpatient asthma deaths were more common among black children (59%) vs. white (24%) and Hispanic children (12%), while out-of-hospital asthma deaths were also disproportionately more common in black children (50%) compared to white (35%) and Hispanic children (10%).

“Unfortunately, we found that black children continue to die at a rate six to seven times higher than white or Hispanic children which did not significantly decrease over the study period,” Arroyo said. “When we looked at differences in the location of death across different racial and ethnic groups, we found that there was a higher proportion of black children dying in all three settings: in the hospital, in the emergency room and clinics, and out of the hospital.”

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