VIASYS Healthcare Inc, Yorba Linda, Calif, now offers the new generation MicroLab spirometer. Using Micro Medical’s Gold Standard Digital Volume Transducer, it is especially suited for measuring low flow rates in patients with COPD and meets the ATS 2005 Update for performance and accuracy. The MicroLab has a high-resolution color touch screen, large function icons, three pediatric incentives, and contextual help screens. The clinician can use the internal thermal printer or connect directly to an external printer for a full page color report. There are more than 40,000 Micro Medical MicroLab spirometers in use worldwide.

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SDI Diagnostics, Easton, Mass, offers the new Filtrette System™ as an alternative to the ndd EasyOne Spirette™. The Filtrette System features a low-cost filtered mouthpiece that protects the patient and health care professional. A FloTube™ is mounted into the EasyOne spirometer where it can be left for up to 50 tests. Each patient then fits a fresh AstraGuard™ filtered mouthpiece into the FloTube for testing. The Filtrette System comes in several convenient package sizes and also as a kit with a nose-clip.

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Vitalograph, Lenexa, Kan, offers the ALPHA for simple, rapid, low-cost spirometry testing. The ALPHA performs VC and FVC tests. It measures all the key parameters and displays both flow/volume and volume/time curves in real time on the bright color screen. The test is automatically selected, and interpretation, along with test quality information, is provided in a clear, easy to read format. Data entry is quick, testing fast, and results can be instantly printed on the integrated printer or to a PDF report.

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Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Mo, manufactures three lung simulators. The DLco Simulator with EasyLab QC™ Software is used by pulmonary labs performing drug studies. This patented device and software allow the quality control and testing of the respiratory devices that measure the diffusion lung capacity of patients during drug delivery trials and specifically the new noninvasive inhaled insulin technologies now available. Also available is a Flow/Volume Simulator for R&D, testing, and calibrations on aerosol devices, peak flow meters, spirometers, and other devices requiring the generation of the ATS and custom breathing waveforms. A spontaneously breathing lung model—the Breathing Simulator—is made for R&D, testing, training, and calibration of ventilators, CPAP blower devices, and other respiratory therapy devices. Demonstrations are available at Hans Rudolph’s booth # 1713 – ATS (American Thoracic Society) show in San Francisco May 20-22, 2007.

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Futuremed America Inc, Granada Hills, Calif, introduces the new PC-based SpiroVision-3+, a cost-effective diagnostic spirometer that interfaces directly with a computer’s USB port. The SpiroVision-3+ handset is small and lightweight, making it easy for patients to hold. The colorful software is intuitive and provides real-time graphs and quality control messages to ensure optimal results. The optional “Bubbles” incentive encourages patients, especially children, to cooperate, resulting in faster testing and more accurate results. In addition to screening and pre/post FVC, SpiroVision-3+ can be used for MVV, SVC, and challenge testing. The trend function gives a clear picture of changes in various parameters over time. SpiroVision-3+ can be used with standard mouthpieces or filters, and meets ATS, ERS, OSHA, and disability standards for spirometry.

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