Respironics Inc has released the REMstar Auto with C-Flex, a new CPAP option for sleep apnea patients, according to a company news release.

REMstar Auto with C-Flex monitors the patient’s breathing in order to lower the amount of pressure delivered at the beginning of exhalation, the company says. Patients have the ability to select from three pressure settings without altering the benefits of prescribed therapy. As a result, C-Flex takes the work out of exhalation, providing a more comfortable treatment and ultimately increasing the likelihood of compliance.

The REMstar Auto with C-Flex uses a multilevel Proactive algorithm that measures flow limitation and makes systematic, subtle changes in pressure. The algorithm assesses the impact of these changes on the patient’s breathing patterns and adjusts to the ideal pressure level for a patient’s sleep therapy needs. The REMstar Auto also measures and adjusts pressure to eliminate flow events such as snoring, apnea, hypopnea and elevated leak levels.

Coupled with the Proactive Algorithm therapy is Breathing Pattern Recognition software that analyzes the shape curve of a patient’s airflow signal based on its roundness, flatness, peak and shape. In instances of flow limitation, the device can cycle through the Pcrit, Popt and Ptherapy modes or trigger the REMstar’s secondary analysis for a better sleep therapy option. When the secondary analysis detects an event, the device can immediately increase pressure to eliminate or compensate for the event.

The REMstar Auto also comes with Encore Pro SmartCard technology that allows healthcare professionals to easily and efficiently handle patient files, develop patient reports and track overall treatment progress. The SmartCard records the date, time, ramp usage and duration of each treatment session, as well as mask leak, apnea/hypopnea index, flow limitation and snoring. Additionally, the SmartCard can be programmed to automatically update patient prescriptions, allowing healthcare professionals to monitor and adjust a patient’s therapy regimen without an office or in-home visit.

“The REMstar Auto with C-Flex can be used in the lab or the home and is an ideal flow-based auto-CPAP for patients with sleep apnea,” said Shawn Trautman, Product Manager, Homecare Division, Respironics. “The addition of C-Flex makes exhalation far easier for patients, and has the potential to help more people benefit from more comfortable therapy.”

The REMstar Auto with C-Flex is also available with an integrated Heated Humidifier. The humidifier’s controls are directly on the REMstar Auto and it plugs into the CPAP – there is only one plug to go into the wall. Also available is an integrated pass-over humidifier that allows patients to choose unheated humidification without sacrificing the convenience of the heated humidifier’s integrated design.

Source: Respironics