Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, offers the Esprit ventilator with Flow-Trak Option. Esprit is designed to enable better patient-ventilator synchrony during volume-controlled ventilation, even in patients demanding higher flow rates than are set on the ventilator. Breath stacking may be eliminated, and asynchrony is avoided.

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VersaMed, Pearl River, NY, offers the iVent201, a ventilator featuring trending, respiratory mechanics, loops, and built-in nebulizer. The iVent201 provides transportable ventilation via its standard 2-hour internal battery to pediatric and adult patients both invasively and noninvasively from the emergency department to the ICU (including MRI).

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GE Healthcare, Barrington, Ill, offers advanced critical care ventilation and monitoring integration in the Engström Carestation®. Carestation features the INview™ Suite: SprioDynamics®, and FRC INview. These new methods in ventilation monitoring help clinicians monitor tracheal pressure regardless of the ventilator setting and calculate FRC without interruption of ventilation therapy.

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Hamilton Medical, Reno, Nev, introduces Intelligent Ventilation. Intelligent Ventilation, exclusively from Hamilton, is a comprehensive initiative with one focus: the elimination of patient injury due to mechanical ventilation. Hamilton Medical has set a totally new standard in patient safety, error reduction, and risk reduction while improving health care quality. This solution is hassle-free for physicians and other health care professionals. This solution assists your clinical team in compliance with known quality indicators.

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Maquet Inc, Bridgewater, NJ, recently upgraded its SERVO-i ventilator system for conditional use in the magnetic resonance (MR) environment. The SERVO-i ventilator is intended for treatment and monitoring of all patients—neonatal, pediatric, and adults—who require mechanical ventilation. The new SERVO-i MR environment option is capable of providing critically ill patients with advanced ventilatory care using the same machine wherever they are in the hospital—in the ICU, in the MR examination room, and during transport to and from the MR room.

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Cardinal Health, Yorba Linda, Calif, offers the VELA, a versatile ventilator with comprehensive modalities for the patient requiring invasive or noninvasive ventilatory support. VELA features a brilliant display screen, further enhancements to the graphical display with color-coded waveforms denoting spontaneous breathing, and color-coded icons to denote control advanced settings. The VELA has increased processing power for greater upgrade capability with integrated communication capabilities. Visually, the VELA ventilator will have a new expiratory housing to contain and protect the expiratory flow sensor and exhalation assembly. The VELA ventilator is the right choice for your invasive and noninvasive ventilatory needs.

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