Impact Instrumentation Eagle IIPortable Ventilator
Impact Instrumentation Inc, West Caldwell, NJ, offers the Impact Model 754 Uni-Vent™ Eagle™, a portable ventilator that is applicable for pediatric and adult patients. The Uni-Vent Eagle is self-contained and electronically controlled. Features include an internal air/oxygen mixer, internal compressor, internal positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP), internal apnea backup ventilation, internal backup ventilator, and full alarms and graphics package. Modes of operation include assist control, synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation, continuous positive airway pressure, and pressure plateau; each is available with or without PEEP and with or without Sigh. Ventilator rates are selected from one to 150 breaths per minute. Inspiratory times are selected from 0.1 to 3.0 seconds in 0.1-second increments. A universal auto-sensing AC power supply/charger and DC power cord are also included. (973) 882-1212;

 Emergency Ventilator Deployment
VORTRAN Medical Technology 1, Sacramento, Calif, offers the VORTRAN Automatic Resuscitator (VAR™), an inexpensive, hands-free, fully automatic resuscitator ideal for on-the-scene, in-transport, and mass casualty incidents (MCIs). The E-Vent CaseTM is organized for rapid emergency ventilator deployment in any MCI. The E-Vent Case holds up to 10 VARS, with model RT or RC (sold separately). (800) 434-4034;

 Disposable Resuscitator
The new Ambu® SPUR® II from Ambu Inc, Baltimore, combines advanced functionality with ergonomics. The SPUR II’s shape provides optimum stroke volume with perfect recoil—all while maintaining its small size and light weight. (800) 262-8462;

CAS Medical Systems Inc, Branford, Conn, introduces the CAS 750C, a capnograph/oximeter combining Masimo SET® pulse oximetry and Oridion Microstream® Etco2 technology. The 750C is a three-parameter monitor that combines Spo2, Etco2 , and NIBP and is ideal for emergency medical responders. A compact, mobile unit at 2 kg (4.4 pounds), the 750C can operate on emergency vehicle power, direct AC, or battery. Large digits, brightness control, color-coded fields, and direct function keys facilitate operation and access to information. Access to information is available for up to 24 hours and can be printed to an optional infrared printer. Other accessories include a carry bag, roll-stand, and various mounting solutions. (800) 227-4414;

 End Tidal CO2 Detector
Mercury Medical®, Clearwater, Fla, introduces the StatCO2™ and Mini StatCO2™, disposable, colorimetric CO2 detectors. These devices offer a quick visual breath-by-breath reading to detect the presence of CO2 by color comparison assisting in the verification of proper tube placement. The StatCO2 is available for patients weighing more than 15 kg, and the Mini StatCO2 is available for those patients weighing 1 to 15 kg. From intensive care uses to the operating room and recovery, these single-patient-use carbon dioxide detectors will perform continuously for up to 24 hours, keep working in 100% humidity, and have a packaged shelf life of up to 2 years. (800) 237-6418;

 Manual Resuscitator
Vital Signs Inc, Totowa, NJ, carries the Code Blue II series of resuscitators, which are available in three sizes with a variety of reservoir options. Vital Signs also recently added the Colorimetric CO2 Indicator as an option on every adult bag. The C-CO2 verifies a patient’s tracheal tube placement, making it a true life-saving device. (800) 932-0760;