For respiratory care departments across the country, monitoring patient safety and preventing adverse respiratory events is an everyday, every moment priority. Monitoring technology like capnography can provide RTs and their patients with a greater level of protection in a variety of emergency, transport, and critical care settings.

Covidien Microcap Plus Covidien offers the Microcap Plus Handheld Capnograph, a durable and reliable patient monitoring device with Microstream-enabled technology. The Microcap Plus offers easy-to-use assessment of end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) but is also equipped for SpO2 monitoring. The device is fast on power-up and fully accurate at first reading and remains unaffected by the presence of other inhaled gases. It can be used on intubated or nonintubated patients in any clinical setting. 800-635-5267;

Nonin LifeSenseThe LifeSense Tabletop Capnography and Pulse Oximetry Monitor from Nonin Medical Inc is portable, accurate, and cost-effective. The device can be used in a wide range of clinical settings for both intubated and nonintubated patients. Its widescreen touch-panel display monitor offers Nonin’s PureSAT Spo2 and sidestream EtCO2 technologies, and meets ISO requirements for EMS transport. It is equipped with audible and visual alarms, a memory module, and a download cable and software. LifeSense is compatible with Nonin PureLight reusable and disposable pulse oximetry sensors and is suitable for monitoring infant through adult patients in and outside the hospital setting. 800-356-8874;

Masimo EMMAWater-resistant and operational in first-responder and other clinically challenging conditions, Masimo Corporation’s EMMA Capnograph offers waveform display. The device continuously monitors and displays EtCO2 and respiration rate, and also assists in recognition of return to spontaneous circulation for adult, pediatric, and infant patients. EMMA can provide accurate readings within 15 seconds of being connected to a patient’s breathing circuit and can be used in a variety of clinical settings, including emergency medicine and transport, ORs, ICUs, patient rooms, and clinics. 800-326-4890;

Covidien CapnoStream20Providing a complete measurement of a patient’s oxygenation and ventilation status, Covidien offers the Capnostream 20 patient monitor with Microstream-enabled technology, a complete bedside EtCO2 and SpO2 monitoring solution. The device uses Covidien’s Smart Capnography Integrated Pulmonary Index (IPI) and Smart Alarm Respiratory Analysis (SARA) technology to reduce alarms and provide clinical utility for improved patient safety. The Capnostream 20 can be used on intubated or nonintubated patients, from neonate to adult. 800-635-5267;  

Nonin RespSenseNonin Medical Inc offers the RespSense capnograph, able to be used in a wide range of clinical settings for both intubated and nonintubated patients. The device utilizes Nonin sidestream EtCO2 technology and features a widescreen touch-panel display monitor for easy use. Ideal for sleep labs, procedural sedation, emergency transport (EMS), home care, or clinical settings where fast, easy EtCO2 monitoring is required, RespSense offers portability, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Featuring audible and visual alarms, the RespSense meets ISO requirements for EMS transport. 800-356-8874;

Covidien MicrocapAble to be used on intubated and nonintubated patients, Covidien’s Microcap Handheld Capnograph provides Microstream-enabled technology for reliable monitoring of EtCO2. The device is equipped with a single, integrated sensor that is engineered for use with all patient populations, in all clinical environments. The Microcap offers clinicians the option to switch between patient types without re-zeroing or recalibrating the device. 800-635-5267;