SeQual Technologies Inc, San Diego, has announced the European commercial launch of its Eclipse Oxygen System.
The Eclipse Oxygen System provides continuous flow operation of up to 3 LPM in a lightweight portable unit to meet a patient’s stationary and ambulatory needs. The European launch of the system comes on the heels of its August 15 US release. The Eclipse has been purchased and deployed by more than 200 providers servicing in excess of 60% of the 1.5 million home oxygen patients in the US.

Jim Bixby, CEO, said the European introduction of the Eclipse marks the next step in SeQual’s long-range plan to meet the needs of an aging but active population around the world. The 17-pound Eclipse, about the size of a child’s backpack, allows oxygen therapy patients to be ambulatory and to travel, freeing them from 50-pound stationary home oxygen concentrators and out-dated compressed gas cylinder technology that often keep them home bound.

“We are pleased to be able to help an international market of home health
care providers add an innovative new product to their fleet inventory of oxygen equipment and a user-friendly option for their patients,” Bixby said. “We envision providers in Europe finding the same utility and value in the Eclipse as they have here in the [United States].”