Roche OMNI® C analyzer

Roche Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, elevates fundamental critical care testing to a whole new level with the Roche OMNI® C system. This basic, easy-to-use benchtop analyzer delivers exceptional convenience and value in a small footprint. Always stat-ready, the OMNI C system provides menus for blood gases, electrolytes, So2, HCT, and measured total hemoglobin. Zero-maintenance electrodes and large-volume reagent bottles reduce human intervention. Liquid calibration eliminates the need for cumbersome gas tanks. The interactive, full-color touch screen guides users through OMNI C’s configurable software and allows at-a-glance monitoring of reagents, electrodes, and tests. In addition, a 120-ampoule AutoQC® module offers programming options for 12 different time settings, lock-outs, and repeat testing—all without operator attendance. Connectivity is offered via an Ethernet port, serial port, or RS232 interface. (800) 981-8863;