Medical device maker Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, recently premiered System One™, among other offerings, at Medtrade Spring held last week in Las Vegas. System One combines two sleep therapy technologies: A-Flex™ technology (part of the REMstar® Auto M Series with A-Flex CPAP System), and the OptiLife™ mask, the first in the My Life™ Series.

Building on the comfort of C-Flex technology, A-Flex matches pressure delivery to the patient’s entire breathing cycle. The headgear design and chin support of the OptiLife mask provide a soft foundation for the seal and eliminate nasal irritation, pressure, and pulling. The mask comes with pillows cushions in four sizes to ensure a seal for a wide range of patients. At 2.4 ounces, it is one of the lightest patient interfaces available and ideal for side sleepers.

Also featured at Medtrade was the BiPAP® autoSV™ sleep therapy system, which was recently granted 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration. The autoSV treats adults suffering from OSA and complicated breathing patterns caused by central and/or mixed apneas and periodic breathing—such as Cheyne-Stokes Respiration.

In the growing field of apnea screening, Respironics debuted the RUSleeping™ RTS, a same-day, objective, in-home apneic event screener. With this device, there is no wait time for downloads or manipulation of data required, making the physician’s job faster and easier.

In home respiratory care, Respironics’ Freedom Series™ of oxygen therapy products addressed the constant need of providers to cut costs. With the EverFlo™, a 5-liter, 31-pound stationary oxygen concentrator, users get a reliable product and providers reduce maintenance costs and unscheduled patient visits. The EverFlo concentrator uses less power, produces less heat and noise, and does not require a filter replacement by the patient.

On the portable side, the Freedom Series offers the EverGo™ portable oxygen concentrator for active individuals. EverGo weighs less than 10 pounds, offers an 8-hour battery life, and 1050 milliliter per minute oxygen capacity.