Portex® CO2 Clip™ detection system

Smiths Medical

Smiths Medical ASD Inc, Keene, NH, introduces the Portex® CO2 Clip™ Colorimetric Carbon Dioxide Detection System. The Portex CO2 Clip is a fast-responding sensor that detects the inspiratory and expiratory CO2 concentration breath-by-breath. With a dead space less than 3 mL and a weight of less than 0.28 g, this small detector indicates levels of CO2 present in the airway by a color indicating system. The sensor is good for 24 hours after opening and can be attached to manual resuscitators and tracheostomy tubes. Suction can be applied to the patient while the device is connected to the system without having to disconnect. The Portex CO2 Clip is available individually packaged or preattached to a manual resuscitator. (800) 258-5361; www.smiths-medical.com.