Dx-pH Probe™ laryngopharyngeal reflux detector


Restech, San Diego, introduces a product that offers reliable measurements of acidic activity in the upper airway: the Dx-pH Probe™. Restech’s Dx-pH Probe detects the weak, vaporized acid in the patient’s airway and charts these pH levels for study periods up to 48 hours. Detection of this vaporized reflux is crucial: even infrequent acid can damage the laryngeal epithelium and exacerbate respiratory problems. While traditional pH probes are capable of lower esophageal pH measurement, they often yield false negatives when used to detect laryngopharyngeal reflux. Restech has developed its proprietary technology specifically to measure pH in the vulnerable laryngopharyngeal region while resting above the epiglottis. This unique placement allows comfortable eating, drinking, and talking while wireless transmission eliminates constrictive wires. The Dx-pH Probe allows the patient greater freedom, and the physician more confidence in their diagnosis. (858) 679-2300; www.restech-corp.com.