allied logoAllied Healthcare Products Inc attributed its net loss in the first quarter ending September 30 of about $411,000 to the restrained economy and uncertainties in US health care markets about future national policy. The loss equates to a negative 5 cents per share. In the previous year, the company reported a loss of about $145,000, or a negative 2 cents per share.

Sales for the current quarter declined from about $11.4 million to about $9.3 million, or about 18.4%, from the previous year. International orders increased strongly from the previous year, from about $2.4 million to about $2.7 million, or about 12.5%. However, about one-fourth of that volume was not ordered for immediate shipment during the first quarter.

Allied also saw growth in sales from the introduction of its new CO2 absorbent Litholyme® product. Sales for CO2 absorbents increased by 29% over the previous year sales.