Monaghan Medical Corp, Plattsburgh, NY, recently released its newest product–the AeroEclipse® II breath actuated nebulizer (BAN). Slated to hit hospitals by September 1, the aerosol delivery device boasts improved features that allow for improved patient treatment.

The AeroEclipse BAN (AE™ II) incorporates a more sensitive breath-actuator diaphragm, and, as a result, patients will require less effort to actuate the device. Additionally, a user-friendly mode-selector switch on the top of the device can easily toggle between breath actuation and continuous modes simply by a turn of the dial. The device enables caregivers to provide fast, assured patient dosing, as the AE II BAN delivers an optimal particle size and customized dosing compared to continuous nebulizers.  The AE II BAN delivers less drug to the environment during administration, which is of great significance to registered respiratory therapists and other caregivers who are at risk from the exposure.