Masimo, Irvine, Calif, announced it will launch Masimo Patient SafetyNet, a new remote monitoring and clinician notification system, and showcase its upgradeable Masimo Rainbow SET technology platform at the 2007 American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Annual Meeting in San Francisco, October 13-17, 2007.

The system is specifically designed to keep at-risk patients safe on general care floors by connecting them to qualified care givers quickly, easily, and accurately. When a patient is in respiratory distress, meaningful and actionable alarms are generated by the Masimo bedside monitor and sent wirelessly to designated clinicians for review and response.
Each Masimo Patient SafetyNet system can support up to 40 bedside monitors and can either be integrated into a hospital’s existing IT infrastructure or operate as a stand-alone wireless network.

“The combination of these patient care challenges with the decrease in nurse-to-patient ratios has resulted in increased populations of higher acuity patients on general care floors—prompting industry standards bodies to drive a new standard of care that calls for continuous monitoring of patient oxygen levels with pulse oximetry, with clinically meaningful alarms sent to appropriate caregivers” explained Masimo chairman and CEO Joe E. Kiani.

In addition to the SafetyNet, the company will be showcasing the Masimo Rainbow SET Platform, an innovative, upgradeable multifunctional technology platform enabling noninvasive, continuous blood constituent and functional hemodynamic monitoring.