Plans to launch a new private nonprofit foundation, called the Clean Air for Kids Foundation has been announced by founder Stanley Brannan. The goal of the foundation is to raise private capital from individual donors, charitable foundations, government agencies, and corporations and to distribute these funds nationwide to provide full or partial funding to public and private schools and non-profit daycare centers to enable them to purchase products proven to lower the level of indoor allergens, dust, and irritants. Some experts believe that these tiny invisible airborne particles are responsible for a significant portion of avoidable illnesses, missed school days, and health costs for students and teachers. Sometimes called sick building syndrome, the problem is typically associated with increased levels of repeat ear, sinus and throat infections, coughing, allergies, and eventually asthma in children and teachers. These common respiratory symptoms are elevated in buildings that have had water damage from leaks, storms, hurricanes, flooding or plumbing issues, according to studies reported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The foundation plans to raise millions in private money to be able to fund projects for schools as small as one classroom, costing approximately $400, to an entire 20-classroom elementary school, which could cost more than $20,000. Funds can be used to purchase approved air filtration systems, walk-off dust mats, and high-filtration vacuum sweepers. All of these products are proven to be useful in reducing the level of airborne particles. The expected payback is reduced short- and long-term illness in children and teachers, energy savings, and even better test scores from students. Complete details can be found at the foundation’s website: http://www.cleanair4kids.org.