MDIs and Nebulizers

 PARI Respiratory Equipment Inc, Midlothian, Va, introduces the PARI Vortex™, a nonelectrostatic valved holding chamber for pediatric patients. Made of metal, the PARI Vortex allows young patients a more consistent delivery of their inhaled medications when using a metered dose inhaler (MDI). By using a metal, nonelectrostatic holding chamber, as much as 60% more medication can reach the lungs, which can improve the therapeutic outcome. The Vortex is available with two sizes of flexible, colorful duck and duckling facemasks, which helps make treatments fun. (800) FAST-NEB;

 Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, introduces the OptiChamber® Advantage Valved Holding Chamber. OptiChamber is designed to optimize delivery of MDI asthma medication, and it features a size-optimized chamber (218 mL volume) that provides greater fine particle dose output than do other smaller chambers. For patient value and ease of use, OptiChamber’s replaceable valve facilitates cleaning and provides longer, trouble-free performance. Specially designed pediatric and adult masks for OptiChamber conform to fit many different facial features to provide the most effective seal possible. The masks are detachable to adapt to a growing patient’s needs without incurring the cost of a new product. (800) 345-6443;

 KidO’s LLC, Dallas, introduces the KidO’s Bear delivery system for aerosol or oxygen treatments in children with asthma or other acute respiratory distress. The recognizable toy helps calm the patient while delivering medication through a nebulizer or delivering oxygen-only therapy. It comes packaged with a nebulizer and oxygen tubing. Available in yellow, orange, and green, the Bear smells like bubble gum and squeaks to assist in keeping the child focused while receiving treatments. (888) 959-5437;

 Omron Healthcare Inc, Bannockburn, Ill, introduces the MicroAir Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer. The MicroAir, weighing only six ounces with two AA batteries installed, provides respiratory relief and features vibrating mesh technology (VMT®). This compact and portable nebulizer has virtually silent operation that encourages compliance to medical requirements, resulting in greater control over respiratory conditions. Unlike traditional spacer devices, no special coordination of breathing or spacer device is required. The MicroAir also comes with a carrying case and instruction video. (800) 231-4030;

 Revlis Medical, Windermere, Fla, announces its new nebulizer compressor system, the Revlis Sapphire. The Revlis Sapphire system includes both a high-speed disposable nebulizer kit and the RevJet reusable nebulizer. The RevJet’s breath enhanced nebulization (BEN™) design delivers more complete treatments. Patients inhale through the nebulizer, not across it, pulling more of the aerosol into their lungs. This makes for a faster and more effective treatment. The RevJet also utilizes the exclusive Quick-Fill™ feature, which makes adding medication simple for patients. (866) 4-REVLIS;

 Merits Health Products, Cape Coral, Fla, introduces the Pioneer nebulizer. Pioneer delivers fast and effective treatments within the parameters prescribed by physicians.

The Pioneer also accommodates most patient situations and is ideal for home, office, or travel usage. The nebulizer also features a compact and portable design, low noise level, and low power consumption. (800) 963-7487;