Members of the American Board of Disaster Medicine (ABODM) examination development task force gathered recently to finalize the performance assessment component of the certifying exam, which will include, for the first time, Medical Education Technologies Inc® human patient simulators (HPS®). The HPS is a life-like computer-model-driven manikin that blinks, speaks, breathes, and mirrors human response to CPR, intravenous mediation, intubation, and other complex medical procedures.

The purpose of these simulator tests is to accurately gauge the candidates’ abilities and experiential base in realistic disaster scenarios. The HPS will thrive or deteriorate depending on how the physician reacts, mimicking human response.

The American Board of Physician Specialists (founder of ABODM) has seen a positive response to the ABODM assessment as physicians from various specialties prepare to take the first disaster medicine exam. While the military and some medical students utilize METI HPS to advance their education and ability to respond, never have they been utilized for an advanced medical certification.