IMPACT INSTRUMENTATION, West Caldwell, NJ, offers The Eagle™, featuring a compressor and air/oxygen mixer (blender), graphics display, and full complement of alarms.The Eagle is totally self-contained and electronically controlled, and weighs only 13 pounds (including battery, internal compressor, and internal blender). Modes of operation include A/C, SIMV, CPAP, and pressure plateau. All modes are available with or without PEEP and with or without sigh. Features include selectable ventilator rates, selectable inspiratory times, EMI/RFI suppression circuitry, and internal PEEP. The Eagle includes a universal self-sensing AC power supply/charger and a DC power cord.

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MAQUET INC, Bridgewater, NJ, introduces the SERVO-i, a flexible, upgradable, and modular platform with modalities such as PRVC, BiVent, automode, and flow-adaptive VC. Support for all patient types, in the NICU, PICU, and adult ICU, as well as for invasive ventilation and noninvasive ventilation (NIV), is provided. The new MR Environment Option provides conditional use of advanced ventilatory support in the MRI suite. New NAVA (neurally adjusted ventilatory assist) support improves synchrony by interpreting brain signals sent to the diaphragm. The Open Lung Tool® provides physicians with parameters to support alveolar recruitment procedures, helping clinicians analyze the extent of opening and closing of the alveoli.

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HANS RUDOLPH, Kansas City, Mo, offers its second-generation Vmask™ series of full face masks for use with all ventilators that have an NIV mode. It is now available not only in a reusable series for home and hospital ventilator patients, but also in a disposable series for hospital single-use and low-cost disposal. Designed from years of RT feedback, the V2™ has completely new features in the seal, simple foam headgear, nose and chin braces, and the materials. Available in green swivel ports for connection to standard ventilator circuits and yellow swivel ports for connection to ventilator circuits requiring an antiasphyxia valve.

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NEWPORT MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS, Costa Mesa, Calif, introduces the Newport e360 Ventilator. The e360 features a new Biphasic breath type in its latest software version. Biphasic pressure release ventilation (BPRV) allows free inhalation and exhalation during a pressure-controlled breath by means of a partially open, actively controlled exhalation valve. The goal of BPRV is to improve patient comfort, reduce the expiratory work of breathing, and possibly improve oxygenation when the patient has an intact respiratory drive.

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COVIDIEN, Mansfield, Mass, expands the capabilities of its Puritan Bennett 840™ ventilator with a Respiratory Mechanics (RM) software option. The RM option allows clinicians to assess lung status and performance to help determine if a patient is ready to be weaned. This is accomplished by providing an occlusion pressure maneuver (P0.1), plus coached respiratory maneuvers such as negative inspiratory force (NIF) and vital capacity (VC). A GUI information panel displays the maneuver name, user prompts and controls, and recent measured results. The last three values for NIF, P0.1, and VC are saved and displayed in tabular form for data collection.

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VIASYS, Yorba Linda, Calif, introduces the Infant Flow® Nasal CPAP system. Originally developed by EME as a single-level nasal CPAP delivery system for the treatment of infants with respiratory distress, the basic system has evolved into a bilevel device–Infant Flow SiPAP™. Infant Flow SiPAP, combined with the patented Infant Flow generator technology, expands the clinician’s noninvasive treatment options with Biphasic and Biphasic tr (international only), at the lowest work of breathing with maximum pressure stability.

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PULMONETICS SYSTEMS INC, Minneapolis, offers the LTV 1200, designed to meet the needs of patients across many clinical settings such as the ICU, PICU, ED, and patient transport. The LTV 1200 offers pressure control, pressure support, volume control, SIMV, and NPPV modes with the added benefits of patient presets, a spontaneous breathing trial, and internal PEEP.

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VERSAMED, Pearl River, NY, introduces the iVent201, an ICU-class, full-featured, transportable, MRI-compatible, critical care–grade, invasive, and noninvasive ventilator. With the advanced features of the iVent201, patients will be comfortable throughout the trip from the ICU to the MRI suite or even home. The iVent201 is competitively priced and features unlimited upgradability.

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