Salt Inhaler
The Breathe Easy Salt Pipe Salt Inhaler from OXYVITA Ltd, London, is a patented porcelain pipe inhaler filled with Miocene mineral halite salt crystals. The crystals are placed in the pipe chamber between ceramic filters, and air is drawn through the salt. When the pipe is used, the moisture of the passing air absorbs the micron-sized particles of the salt and penetrates into the respiratory system to induce natural self-cleansing mechanisms that flush away the impurities from the surface of the cells. (+44) (0)207-483-1991;

 Air Purifier
Airsonett, San Antonio, introduces the Airshower®, a clean air purifier that delivers high-quality air directly to a patient’s breathing zone. Designed to be placed 20 to 28 inches above the patient’s head, it removes 99.95% of all contaminates greater than 0.3 micron within 3 minutes. The Airshower minimizes the risk of cross contamination of bacteria, purifies a room in less than 60 minutes, and features a low noise level. (706) 579-2226;

SLP Inc, St Charles, Ill, recently introduced the SleepSense® family of sensors for the recording of sleep studies. Included in the product line are sensors for respiratory effort (disposable and reusable), airflow, motion detection, body position, and snoring. All effort sensors with on-line filters are individually calibrated for consistent sensitivity.

Rigid boxes enclose the sensitive piezo crystal to provide superior durability, while at the same time minimizing artifacts due to stresses on the crystal from nonrespiration sources. SleepSense sensors use Kevlar® tinsel wire for top strength and flexibility, and all crystal belts are tested for consistent phase response to pull and pressure on the box (eliminates “inverted phase” artifact if tension around chest is low). All sensors are also CE and FDA 510(k) approved. (888) 757-7367;

 Nasal Mask Headgear
The Holey Strap! headgear from SleepNet Corp, Manchester, NH, provides a secure and comfortable foundation with a minimum of surface coverage. The narrow frame is constructed of breathable CoolTex material, with a moisture wicking interior surface. Parallel straps at the crown and below the ears adjust for length with a molded Velcro tab that is easy to reposition without a loss in adherence. The crown strap adjusts through the frame at three positions for circumference and angle versatility, adapting to a range of head shapes and sizes. (800) 742-3646;

Cosmed Srl, Rome, introduces the Pony FX, a spirometer designed to provide the performance of a pulmonary function laboratory in the reduced dimensions of a desktop instrument. A color LCD display encourages patients to perform the tests to the best of their abilities, and the software provides data analysis, data management, and clinical reporting solutions. The turbine flowmeter is ATS validated and ensures precision throughout a wide range of flows. The optional Rocc module allows for the measurement of airway resistance, and the integrated digital oximeter option displays real time oxygen saturation. (+39) (06) 931-5492;

 CPAP Treatment
Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, announces the release of its REMstar® Auto with C-Flex™, the latest in the family of REMstar devices that offer a more comfortable treatment for sleep apnea versus traditional CPAP. C-Flex tracks the patient’s breathing to lower the amount of pressure delivered at the beginning of exhalation. With three settings, patients have the ability to select the level of pressure relief that is right for them without altering the benefits of prescribed therapy. As a result, C-Flex takes the work out of exhalation, providing a more comfortable treatment and ultimately increasing the likelihood of compliance. (800) 345-6443;