Perfect Fit II R/S RIP Signal Effort Belts from Dymedix features no Woven Wire Belts and plug directly into RIP Inputs (Keyhole or DIN). Devices include a two-year warranty and are AASM Accepted. Available for Embla, Grael, and Alice 6 PSG systems. 888-212-1100; (See image above.)

The SOMNOtouchRESP from SOMNOmedics offers a full Level III and IV home sleep test and represents the new generation of sleep testing, being the smallest, intelligent screener available. Additional to the required standard signals, the SOMNOtouchRESP is engineered with integrated actigraphy, ambient light and patient marker. It is easy, comfortable to wear and very reliable. Due to its high resolution touch screen, the SOMNOtouchRESP is patient friendly and intuitive. 866-361-9937;

ThermoCan Cannulas
are designed with a built-in, disposable, thermal airflow sensor making it easier and more cost effective to monitor thermal and pressure flow at the same time. Reusable ThermoCan Interface Cables insert into the sides of ThermoCan Cannulas, transmitting your thermal airflow signal and replacing the need for thermistors. 888-757-7367;

from Sleep Specialists LLC is an FDA-cleared class II positional medical device intended for the treatment of mild to moderate positional OSA. Worn around the upper torso, Zzoma restricts supine sleeping. Zzoma is a clinically proven alternative to home remedies like “tennis ball shirts,” a final option for those patients who cannot tolerate CPAP and a new remedy for those who have a simple snoring problem. 877-799-9662;

The Dymedix TriplePlay Airflow System incorporates disposable and reusable PVDF airflow sensors with three choices of frequency filtering interface cables. Depending on which interface cable is used, sleep technologists are able to identify apnea and hypopnea events, UARS, and even snore data while using only one PVDF based airflow sensor. Complies with AASM Technical Specifications. 888-212-1100;

The SOMNOscreen from SOMNOmedics is lightweight and the smallest fully portable PSG System available. It can be used from a screener to a full PSG system or portable EEG system and is upgradeable at any time. The SOMNOscreen is compatible with in lab diagnostics as well as home sleep testing. 866-361-9937;

SleepSense Reusable Inductive Belts
fit a wide variety of patients and are compatible with all inductive monitors. Body Position Sensors can easily be applied directly to the inductive band. The belts are offered with a 1-year warranty and are easy to clean and maintain. Trial program available. 888-757-7367;