As part of the company’s "50 and Forward" program to celebrate its 50th anniversay in 2009, Instrumentation Laboratory (IL), Bedford, Mass, a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of in vitro diagnostic instruments, related reagents, and services has announced the availability of a panel of exprots. The ILeader Panel is a board of IL employees who have been selected for their experience and knowledge in their specific fields and their contributions to the diagnostics industry. Panel members are available as knowledge resources for the IVD community, conferences, forums, Web casts, roundtables, and other discussion venues.

ILeader Panel members:

•Dr. Paul D’Orazio, director, critical care;

•Dr. Sohrab Mansouri, staff scientist;

•Dr. Mark Triscott, VP, research and development; and

•Stephen Trotta, VP, research and development

To learn more about the panelists’ areas of expertise or to interview or book an ILeader for a speaking engagement,  contact IL’s Sally McCraven <[email protected]>.