An article in the Los Angeles Times on July 27 brought attention to the respiratory world by enlightening readers on the important role that respiratory therapists play.

“A lot of people don’t hear much about respiratory therapists,” Hector Hernandez, RRT, Kaiser Sunset, Los Angeles Medical Center, told the LA Times. Hernandez goes on to tell of the jobs he performs each day, from administering oxygen to jumping to action when a patient stops breathing.

The article highlighted the high demand for allied health care professionals—including respiratory therapists—that will only continue to increase. The LA Times also states that the demand for allied health care professionals is expected to outstrip supply in nine of the 15 occupations as baby boomers reach the age of retirement.

“The aging of the population is a double whammy,” says Michele Siqueiros, executive director of the nonprofit Campaign for College Opportunity. “It drives up demand [for health services] at the same time that people will be retiring from the very jobs that will be needed."