Aerogen, Galway, Ireland, and Swedish-based Maquet Critical Care have partnered on a new product, an integrated unit which provides the Aerogen’s Aeroneb® Solo nebulizer for the Maquet SERVO-i® ventilator.

Featuring Aerogen’s OnQ™ micropump technology, the Aeroneb Solo nebulizer allows drugs to be nebulized into a fine particle mist that can be absorbed through the lungs while maintaining drug integrity. The aerosol is based on a vibrating mesh, which, when powered, acts as a micropump creating predictable sized droplets enabling targeted drug delivery to the lungs. This technology allows caregivers to nebulize suspensions and solutions without heating or degrading the drug.

In addition to being available with the new SERVO-i, the Aeroneb nebulizer can also be retro-fitted into any SERVO-i already in use.

Source: Aerogen