A group of West Virginia University (WVU) students have designed a device to measure how air is brought into the lungs.

Many students at WVU are breathing a sigh of relief as the semester comes to a close. However, for a small group of seniors, they are leaving their last mark by designing a project to help others breathe a little easier.

This device came to life in four short months. Through the use of aerosol and breathing in and out, it’s able to measure how air is brought into the lungs.

“It uses a pulse on an aerosol that a person breathes in and breathes back out through something that can keep track of its concentration and as the concentration changes we can tell how things are changing in their lungs,” said Dr Michael McCawley, interim chair of the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences.

This in-home device would allow patients to get their real time results in a matter of minutes, without having to make trips to the hospital.

“Just the things that are in it right now probably cost about $537 or so and the company that we are talking with, when they actually produce a device like this, they will be able to do it much cheaper than we ever could,” said Quinn Jones, WVU Senior.

The simple, easy process measures the carbon dioxide in your blood and the oxygen in the air.

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