Medical Simulation Corp (MSC), Denver, Colo, will introduce a ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) program at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, January 10-14, in Orlando, Fla. The new program is aimed at increasing the competence and confidence of all health care team members who care for hospital inpatients receiving mechanical ventilation.

MSC will present the VAP program at the international meeting with opportunities for conference attendees to participant in simulation-based VAP training scenarios using a human-patient simulator.
The VAP program includes a web-based course and a hands-on simulation workshop that brings together the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and CDC recommendations for early identification and treatment of VAP by utilizing simulation to allow health care providers to put the recommendations into practice. The VAP program features content and patient simulation scenarios appropriate for all provider levels.
“Establishing standardized protocols and education programs has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of VAP," says VAP program author Brian Graham, MD, pulmonary fellow at the University of Colorado. "MSC’s simulation-based ventilator associated pneumonia program provides standardized guidance on how to modify practices to prevent, diagnose, and treat VAP in a risk-free, but realistic training environment."