A Snohomish County, Washington man is the first confirmed case of the Wuhan, China coronavirus in the United States, according to multiple media reports including The Seattle Times.

Washington State Health officials say the unidentified 30-year old man recently traveled from Wuhan, China through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Jan 15, and was later diagnosed with the coronavirus, The Seattle Times reports.

He had no symptoms on his flight or when he arrived at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Jan. 15, but he contacted doctors Jan. 19 when he developed a fever and cough, officials said. It’s unknown which clinic he visited that day. The man was hospitalized for pneumonia and, on Monday, tested positive for coronavirus.

The patient isn’t considered a threat to medical staff or the public. A small number of healthcare workers and patients who may have been exposed to the virus through the man have been notified to watch for symptoms and are being monitored, according to the hospital, which said it will also work to identify and screen patients at risk for the infection.

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