COVID-19 infections in the United States have reached 80,854 known cases, surging by 67,075 cases in the last week to soar past Italy (80,589) and nearing China (81,285), which has had the most cases for over 3 months.

Global coronavirus infections have just exceeded 520,000, with 23,568 deaths reported, according to data from Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE).

As of Mar 26 at 2030 UTC, here are the hardest hit nations:

1. China81,782*3,287
2. United States80,8541,163
3. Italy80,5898,215*
4. Spain56,1974,145
5. Germany 43,646239
6. Iran29,4062,234
7. France29,155 1,696
8. Switzerland11,712191
9. United Kingdom11,658578
10. South Korea9,241 131

In the United States, New York State has reported nearly half of all infections in the country (37,258 of 80,857, or 46.1%), the state department of health reports.

The majority of those cases are in New York City, which has reported 21,393 infections, or 57% of the state’s total. If New York City was its own country, it would rank #8 on the above list of nations.

Meanwhile, Louisiana’s governor said his state has the greatest rate of increase in the world, with 2,300 cases, the New York Times reported. The Times said this may be in part due to the city’s Mardis Gras festival in late February, which attracted visitors from around the globe and may have accelerated the virus’s community spread.