COVID-19 has now spread to 91.3% of the world’s nations, with two more countries and one territory reporting their first cases of the virus.

As of Apr 12, there are more than 1.8 million cases of coronavirus with 114,080 deaths reported in 180 countries. The following nations reported their first case last week (Apr 5-12).

[For a look at the 17 nations and 6 territories yet to report COVID-19 infections, click here.]


The West African Island of São Tomé and Príncipe reported its first four COVID-19 cases on Apr 6. It is the 52nd nation in Africa to confirm coronavirus infections, CGTN reported.


The small island territory of Saint Pierre and Miquelon reported its first cases of COVID-19 on Apr 5. The French territory is located near Newfoundland, Canada.

Note: Saint Pierre and Miquelon is officially an overseas territory of the Republic of France and is not included in the above count of nations.

YEMEN 🇾🇪 (1 case)

Yemen’s first reported case of coronavirus was documented on Apr 10, the last nation in the Middle East to confirm the presence of COVID-19. According to Al Jazeera, health experts say the country’s war-ravaged healthcare system will not be able to handle a sizable outbreak of the virus.