Blood Gas Analysis

 Indianapolis-based Roche Diagnostics’ OMNI S blood gas analyzer includes the test parameter bilirubin and can provide results from a sample size as small as 40 µL for a combination of bilirubin and co-oximetry. The stat neonatal bilirubin results are provided in less than 1 minute after sample application.

Roche OMNI S blood gas analyzers also include a fully automated quality control system (Auto QC) with up to 40 days of QC onboard, zero maintenance electrodes, and liquid calibration that eliminates the need for gas tanks. In addition, its software design enables easy access and control of patient data. (800) 428-5076;

 The Rapidpoint 405 from Bayer Diagnostics™, Tarrytown, NY, is a blood gas system that is designed for point of care testing and features a fully integrated co-oximetry module. Capable of providing a more comprehensive assessment of the oxygenation status of critically ill patients, the Rapidpoint 405 allows for improved therapeutic actions and better patient outcomes. The Rapidpoint 405 analyzer offers many benefits, including zero maintenance, intuitive sample management, and on-board QC management. Reporting pH/blood gas, electrolytes, glucose, hematocrit, and CO-oximetry, the Rapidpoint 400 Series delivers results within 60 seconds. (800) 255-3232;

 The GEM® Premier™ 3000 with iQM™ from Instrumentation Laboratory, Lexington, Mass, measures blood gas, electrolytes, glucose, lactate, and hematocrit. iQM is an automated quality assurance system, replacing conventional QC. It continuously monitors the entire analytical process, automatically detects errors, and performs corrective actions, reducing error detection time to minutes, thus enhancing test results and patient care and reducing costs. (800) 955-9525;

 SAFE-T-FILL blood gas capillary tubes from RAM Scientific, Yonkers, NY, are 100% plastic and effectively replace glass Natelson, Caraway, and capillary tubes. SAFE-T-FILL tubes are available in different sizes, with either sodium or balanced heparin for the accurate testing of pH, blood gases, electrolytes, carboxyhemoglobin, and other analytes. (800) 535-6734;

 Nova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass, announces the addition of the Respiratory Analyzer to its series of Stat Profile® pHOx® Analyzers. The pHOx Respiratory Analyzer incorporates a seven-test menu, including pH, Po2, Pco2, So2%, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and lactate to provide a comprehensive diagnostic picture of oxygen transport. To promote blood conservation, the pHOx Respiratory Analyzer uses just 125 mL of whole blood to measure the full seven-test menu and only 60 mL of whole blood for a three-test micro-sample. (800) 458-5813;

 The i-STAT CG4+ blood gas cartridge, from i-STAT, East Windsor, NJ, is one of five cartridges in the i-STAT blood gas product line. The CG4+ is a standard blood gas cartridge panel but includes lactate. Lactate has proven to be a valuable test in certain goal-directed therapy protocols for pediatric heart surgery as well as in the management of sepsis. The CG4+ returns results in 2 minutes with a small sample volume of whole blood. Other i-STAT blood gas panels are available with a variety of parameters to suit individual department needs. (800) 323-9100;  

 The IRMA TRUpoint blood analysis system from ITC, Edison, NJ, provides time-critical information immediately, accurately, and at the bedside. It measures pH, blood gases, hematocrit, electrolytes, and other chemistries in the OR, NICU, ICU, or CCU. It delivers accurate results that medical professionals need to make immediate treatment decisions quickly and accurately. The system is easy to use, reliable, and designed to consistently deliver results that lead to more positive outcomes. The IRMA TRUpoint utilizes electrochemical sensor technology and has an interactive touch screen that prompts the user. Results are available in 90 seconds utilizing single-use, self-calibrating test cartridges. IRMA TRUpoint is self-contained and portable. IRMA has built-in automatic quality control features, an onboard printer, and a data management system that helps to improve regulatory compliance, reduce medical errors, and enable clinicians to intervene earlier in the treatment of a patient. (800) 631-5945;

 Osmetech Inc, Roswell, Ga, manufactures and markets the OPTI line of blood gas, electrolyte, and glucose analyzers. The newest OPTI has a color touch screen that incorporates step-by-step pictures for easy operation. The OPTI is a portable blood gas analyzer that directly measures tHb and So2 in addition to blood gas, electrolytes, and glucose. The OPTI provides a maintenance-free system with single-use cassettes stored at room temperature that contain all the sensors and calibrating solutions. Call Osmetech to participate in a no charge 2-week evaluation of the OPTI, or take the analyzer for a virtual test drive with the interactive presentation on the company’s Web site. (800) 490-6784;

 The NPT7 from Radiometer America Inc, Westlake, Ohio, is a cartridge-based, maintenance-free, point-of-care blood gas analyzer. Offering single-use measuring cuvettes, the NPT7 does not require cartridge preparation and provides fully automated quality control. All measurements are done on just 90 mL of whole blood and include pH, Pco2, Po2, and full oximetry. The NPT7’s compact size makes it ideal for use in a variety of clinical situations. (800) 736-0600;