Airflow Devices

Cadwell Laboratories Inc, Kennewick, Wash, announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted 510(k) clearance of the EasyNet Oximeter and Nasal Pressure Airflow devices to be used with the Cadwell Easy® Ambulatory 2 and Easy III sleep diagnostic systems. The modules use Cadwell’s EasyNet® communications protocol to share data with Cadwell diagnostic products. EasyNet communications protocols manage the transfer of information between multiple networked modules worn by the patient.

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Self-Breathing System

Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, has released the Cadence™ Self-Breathing System. The system uses continuous high-flow technology to treat hypoxemia (low blood oxygen) and potentially improve exercise capacity in hospitalized adults recovering from respiratory failure. The system augments self-breathing by delivering a high transtracheal flow of heated, humidified air and oxygen directly into the distal trachea through a fenestrated tracheostomy tube with a deflated cuff. In conventional treatments using a tracheostomy collar, T-piece, or mechanical ventilation, air enters and exits the patient through the tracheostomy tube. However, due to the closed system created by the inflated tracheostomy cuff, the patient is not able to breathe normally through the upper airway. With the system from Respironics, warm, moist air and oxygen enter the lungs via a patented catheter system. In addition to this high-flow technology, the patient is able to breathe in a normal, unrestricted fashion through the vocal cords, nose, and mouth.

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Western Medica, Westlake, Ohio, announces the QuickClick™ flowmeter. The QuickClick does not have traditional flow tubes to adjust, but, instead, the user “clicks-in” the desired precise metered flow. QuickClick flowmeters incorporate the SureClick™ feature, which reduces the risk of dialing the flow selector between click settings. All QuickClick flowmeters are calibrated to 50 psi inlet and are compact (body diameter is 1-3/8 inch). Models with flow ranges from 1/2 to 8 LPM up to 1/2 to 25 LPM are available for all common inlet styles. Optional power take-off units are available, which provide an additional 50 psi outlet pressure. All have DISS 1240 outlets.

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Diagnostic Products

nSpire Health, Louisville, Colo—formerly Ferraris Respiratory—is a leading provider of respiratory diagnostic products and core lab services, including PiKo®, the world’s first personal respiratory home-monitoring device. nSpire Health continues to develop and provide the Collins Pulmonary Diagnostics, ZAN Measuring Instruments, KoKo Diagnostic Spirometer, Wright Respirometer, and Asthma Management products to health care professionals throughout the world.

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Expanded Stat Analyzer

Nova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass, announces the incorporation of total bilirubin (tBil) to the comprehensive test menu on its Stat Profile® Critical Care Xpress (CCX) “All-in-One” Analyzer. Bilirubin is an important indicator of liver function, particularly in neonatal applications. With the addition of total bilirubin, the CCX analyzer now offers 20 measured tests in a single, compact instrument. While incorporating more on-board tests than any competitive analyzer, the Critical Care Xpress is 20% to 40% smaller and easily transported on its mobile cart. The unit has a color touch-screen interface for intuitive, on-screen prompted operation; a single, snap-in reagent pack that eliminates bulky gas tanks, regulators, and humidifiers; a fully automated, on-board Auto-Cartridge QC system that eliminates the manual quality control, dramatically reducing labor time and costs; and a unique automated maintenance system that allows the operator to initiate maintenance and then walk away from the analyzer.

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Infant nCPAP System

Cardinal Health, McGaw Park, Ill, has developed a comprehensive solution for infant nCPAP applications—the AirLife™ infant nCPAP system. With a unique combination of advanced components and an innovative, patent-pending variable flow vortice technology, the AirLife infant nCPAP system has been engineered for maximum performance, reliability, and patient comfort—because the less discomfort a patient experiences, the greater the opportunity for healthy growth and development. Developed with the assistance of clinical experts and designed to incorporate best-in-class nCPAP technology, the AirLife infant nCPAP system provides a solution that delivers superior infant treatment.

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